Claire Perry-Louise

Community Builder, Entrepreneur & Community Management Consultant

Claire is a purpose driven Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker and has been consulting in the culture and community space since 2013.  Her vision is for a world where employee happiness is the norm and not the exception.

She is an advocate of focussing on employee happiness and wellness in the workplace as the foundation to a more productive, profitable and engaged workforce. She works with companies to activate the voice of the individual and improve internal communications.

She has been recognised by Facebook as an elite leader in community and was invited to meet with other elite community leaders at an event attended by COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg.

Claire, transitioned from working as a lawyer to pursuing her vision to be a global leader for culture and community in business. She runs seminars and courses sharing her expertise and knowledge and loves to work and connect with other's who resonate with her message.

"My super power is definitely building relationships and supporting others, it's my most favourite thing to do in the whole wide world.

I'd love to see more businesses putting time and resources into building better relationships both internally and with their clients. More collaboration, community and connection is definitely the future for those businesses who want the competitive edge. "

What's your way of being in the world?

I value freedom, growth and expansion ... (and my amazing family and friends of course) I also love to have fun, make my friends laugh and hang out at the gym. If you really knew me, you'd know that I love drinking tea, I'm always trying to figure out solutions for everything, I love the band Coldplay, drive a Mini Clubman, I've had some of the best mentors in the world, I am obsessed with business and self development books and I used to be a lawyer before I became an Impact driven Entrepreneur. I hate paying for parking and I love finding short cuts on any journey. I love my life and the amazing people I've met on my entrepreneurial journey and if we haven't met already, I do hope we get to soon. Much love Claire 💞

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As Entrepreneurs we live differently, we make things happen, we are brave, we take risks, we learn on the job. We understand each other. Claire gets this game as she is already in it but if you'd like to know more about some of the things she's done on her journey, here is an idea of just some of the things she's been up to.

Claire has a wide and extensive range of experience running an online and offline business of her own. She is extremely experienced in all aspects of digital marketing and regularly coaches for a leading digital marketing training company. Additionally she has a wide experience of running live workshops and training events, having assisted at hundreds and additionally having run and spoken at numerous of her own. 


Claire has personally consulted on community and culture at Kantar TNS one of the world’s leading data, insight and consultancy companies, part of WPP who’s services are employed by over half of the Fortune Top 500 companies.


Claire is the community strategist and managed the client community at Dent Global, a leading, million dollar and multi award winning global training organisation. It’s clients are elite leaders who solve meaningful problems in the world.


As an influential thought leader in the community space, Claire was honoured to be approached to partner with a global online community platformHigher Logic, named as a leader in the IDC Marketscope : Worldwide Online Communities Assessment. She was even more excited when Facebook recognised her skills and expertise and personally invited her to their headquarters as a business leader in building community.


Claire was apprenticed by a world's leading expert in culture who co-created the global training programme in culture for Zappos, a US based online shoe company acquired by Amazon for about $1.2 billion.


Through her apprenticeship she co-facilitated at events with ING Group in Amsterdam, a Fortune 200 company with over $55 million in revenue.


Claire also helped facilitate at Freddie Mac another Fortune 200 company at their dedicated employee conference, which highlighted and answered specific questions around culture and community.


Claire created a community strategy for the global community One Year No Beer, which has over 25,000 members in 120 countries and is transforming lives daily.


Claire was asked to do a Keynote speech at a sold out Summit in July 2017 purely on the topic of Facebook Groups at the personal request of a high profile leader featured on the BBC, because of her unique and long standing and highly credited online community strategy expertise.


Claire has been celebrated and asked to speak in Bali by a Forbes contributor and the founder of a global community of entrepreneurs, creatives and thought leaders.


Claire’s successes and achievements are regularly highlighted and acknowledged by many top entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world, who hold her in great respect.


She has an extended high profile network of industry leaders , with a combined net worth of millions of dollars, who publicly give testimony as to Claire’s expertise and thought leadership.


She was recognised for her contributions in her work being awarded a Partnership Award from Dent Global at their annual awards.


Claire is a Judge for the Business Book Awards 2020, having been chosen to judge the Exceptional Book by a Woman Category as a recognised expert in this category.


Claire is ending the year attending the Unconventional Life Event in Bali as one of a hand picked tribe of "the most exquisitely successful and powerful entrepreneurs I have ever come across" by Forbes contributor, Influencer and Visionary Jules Schroeder 


Claire is super excited about 2020 and ever grateful for all of her opportunities and successes.


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