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Entrepreneur, Speaker and established Thought Leader on Community in Business


Founder of the Like Hearted Leaders Community.


An online business network ending loneliness in leadership

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Through her one to one coaching, online courses and her hyper engaged community, Like Hearted Leaders Claire is on a personal mission to impact the world through educating and facilitating the growth and development of engaged communities in the business space.

Having focussed on community building and engagement since 2013, she has established herself as the UK's leading thought leader on community in business.

Certified in community management and approached by Facebook as an elite community builder, she has worked with global businesses and impact driven leaders and entrepreneurs to implement community strategies which are measurable against key business objectives.

She provides step by step advice, facilitation and strategy for both the established community leader but also leaders wishing to create community for internal teams or business leaders & entrepreneurs looking to create a community as a source of warm leads.

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My Top- Rated , People, Culture and Community Podcast



Great listen for anyone starting a podcast and building an audience!

Claire has a fantastic advice for people (like me!) who are looking to build an ongoing relationship with your audience. It’s nice to hear more about developing these communities rather than trying to “sell” all the time.

Teresa Boughey, 


This podcast is a must for those looking to create a culture where people are placed at the core. Claire’s extensive knowledge on what it takes to build a community is outstanding and her delivery style is very engaging. I’d highly recommend

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