When I started out as an Entrepreneur back in 2013 I wish I had known about some of the tools I’m about to share with you.

I signed up to way too many software products and wasted thousands of pounds.

If you are running an online business, these tools can save you time and money. Some of the tools are free, while others require investment. However, my hope it that you will by pass some of the unknown and take some of the knowledge I have acquired to accelerate you on your journey.

Some of these links are affiliate links, which means should you decide to sign up I may receive a small commission but this will not cost you anything, in fact some of the deals may be better as they have come via me.

I really hope this list helps you because once you have the right tools life is so much easier!

Kajabi - An All In One Solution to Run Your Entire Online Business

This is my absolute favourite online business tool. I host this website on Kajabi, as well as my community Like Hearted Leaders.

The software does everything. It looks after my database of customers, helps me create beautiful emails, it takes recurring payments for my membership site, it builds out funnels, it hosts all my online courses. There isn’t much it doesn’t do.

It also has amazing customer service and a great community who will always support you if you have any questions. It’s highly recommended by me and I’m a Founding Member.

If it sounds interesting you can learn more in this video.



Google Drive

Google Drive is great to organise your files and especially where you are working in a team and want to see real time adjustments to your documents. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection and it’s free to get started.




I love Everynote, for organising all my notes, brainstorming, saving articles from the web and so much more.  It’s free to get started and if you’d like more storage or the ability to search within notes for keywords you can upgrade for something like £30 a year. Highly recommend it!




This is a ninja tool which uses artificial intelligence to write amazing copy. I absolutely love it!

Examples of things you can use it for :-

  • Social Media Content - Captions, Instagram Posts, Brainstorm Topics
  • Digital Ad Copy - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads
  • Website Copy - Hero text, subheaders, meta descriptions
  • eCommerce Copy - Product descriptions, product benefits, microcopy
  • Blog Content - ideas, intro’s, lists
  • Sales Copy - Pain-agitate-solution, Before-After-Bridge, Attention-Interest- Desire- Action



This is a tool I’ve used from the start and I’ve mainly used the free version. I use Canva to create my social media posts, website graphics, brochures, presentation slides, checklists and much more. It gives you all you need to create professional looking images quickly and easily without being a designer.



Book Like A Boss

I use this to book clients into my calendar quickly and easily. I’ve connected it to my Zoom account and so it automatically creates a Zoom link and emails it to my clients ahead of our call.  It’s great because it send out texts reminders ahead of meetings and you can use it to take payments for bookings but I don’t use it for that as I use Kajabi.